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Wrinkl Brings Accountability to Group Messaging with “Required Reading Messages”

Know your most important messages will be seen and acted upon

What user hasn’t sent a message only to hear later from recipients, “Oh, I must have missed that,” or “When did you send it?” Wouldn’t it be helpful if group messaging users could be sure that certain messages were seen and acted upon?

Introducing Required Reading Messages, another Wrinkl innovation helping users to distill value from group messaging. With Required Reading Messages, message senders can imbue messages with functionality that does more than make a message simply stand out — it demands and assures attention (for example, by requiring that the message be acknowledged or dismissed). And if action is called for beyond simply reading the message, senders can specify what it is and assure it is taken (i.e., by specifying “action buttons” to include, such as “Read and Understood,” “Accept, Reject,” “Yes, No,” etc.).

  • You’ve moved up the deadline and need to be sure that everyone has been notified
  • Last chance. All changes to current Healthcare selections must…
  • They need your signature on the PO, mine won’t do — attached
  • Need your thoughts on the presentation by EOD
  • Sarah H in the Brooklyn office has tested positive for Covid19, anyone having contact…

These are all important messages that recipients need to see, but senders are nervous won’t be. ALL CAPS messages with multiple exclamation points!!!, or marking messages “important” or “urgent,” visually differentiate them but do little to relieve the fear that they will be missed or acted upon.

By using Wrinkl’s patent pending Required Reading message type, you can now have the comfort of knowing your most important messages will be seen!

See “Required Reading Messages” in action: https://vimeo.com/484558914

To inquire about licensing Required Reading Messages or any other of Wrinkl’s patented or patent pending innovations, please contact us at wrinkl-ip@wrinkl.com

About Wrinkl www.wrinkl.com

Wrinkl provides businesses with a messaging solution that reduces clutter, distills what’s important, and supplies the tools to act on it — all without leaving the conversation. With Wrinkl, conversation is action — not distraction.




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