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Wrinkl Introduces @@mention for Group Messaging

Now users can @mention privately in group chat channels
  1. Immediacy. Often the @mentioned member needs to see the message now, while it’s relevant to the active conversation.
  2. Context. DMs come without context. Often the @mentioned member will only fully understand the message within the context of the group conversation. DMing “I don’t agree, can we talk?” will mean nothing hours later or a week from now.
  3. Switching Channels. The sender could recreate the context after switching channels to send a DM, but that means time away from the active group conversation and then figuring out what suffices as context. Many users choose to forego the opportunity. Instead they simply post @mention messages to the whole group that are meant for only one member. And if the message is uncomfortable to have everyone see, would-be-senders may let valid points go, and stay silent.
  4. Conversations Fragmented Across Channels. DMing group members spreads group discussions across many channels. Users want to keep conversations in one place, one channel, the one it’ll be logical to look for them later. Fragmented discussions cause painful later reconstruction and frustrating searches across channels for what’s sought. These are a couple of the big drawbacks of group messaging for business use.
  5. Channel Clutter. All of these posted-to-the-group but meant-for-one-person @mentions create problems, too, within each individual group channel: they are a source of channel clutter. Users should be able to read a conversation straight through, not cluttered with @mentions intended for others or that aren’t germane to the conversation itself.



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