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Wrinkl Introduces the Password Protected Message

A Convenient Additional Level of Security for Your Confidential Messages

End to end encryption is great! But it doesn’t protect information once it’s received, where it’s most vulnerable.

Few people are sophisticated, proactive or malicious enough to tap into your network in order to try to steal a peek at your messages. The greatest risk to the confidentiality of your messages is much more mundane and human in nature. It’s the innocent, accidental and mostly careless way that we humans care for and handle our phones, laptops and other devices. For example, most folks password protect their phone, but few log out of their various mobile apps, which means simply tapping on any app icon opens that app automatically.

Regardless of how vigilant you feel you are, are you confident that everyone in your shared message channels is just as careful? We all know someone whose password is “password”. How comfortable are you when you know how easy it can be for your confidential message to be purposely or inadvertently seen?

What’s more, with most messaging apps, once you post your message it’s there forever. Do you really want your confidential message to be just one wrong-person-scroll-back away from being seen and read?

Today, Wrinkl offers a group messaging innovation that protects against unwanted dissemination of confidential information. Now message senders can password protect their most sensitive messages by requiring recipients to enter a password to view them. A Password Protected Message requires a password specified by sender (e.g., TouchID, app password or custom password) in order to be viewed, and then reverts to the password-required notice once read.

It’s no coincidence that Wrinkl’s patent pending password protected message functionality addresses privacy and the other issues listed above. These issues and others have motivated Wrinkl’s innovations since its inception. From References, to Email Integration, to Requested Private Replies, to 1:1 Sidebars, @@mentions℠, Bundles, At-a-Glance and more, Wrinkl is making group messaging useable for business.

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About Wrinkl

Wrinkl provides businesses with a messaging solution that reduces clutter, distills what’s important, and supplies the tools to act on it — all without leaving the conversation. With Wrinkl, conversation is action — not distraction.



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