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Wrinkl Receives Patent on Image Referencing Technology

Messaging System Users Can Now Associate Further Content with Specified Areas of Images

In one use case example, a user can identify an area of a photograph containing the face of a person, and a search will return matched [celebrity, for example] images. The user can then specify one or more of the
resulting matched faces to be posted in the message stream along with the original image and together with any text or other added message content.
In another use case of the patented technology, a user can (1) specify an area of an image; (2) add associated content; and (3) transmit the further message into the chat stream.

To inquire about licensing Image References or any other of Wrinkl’s patented or patent pending innovations, please contact us at wrinkl-ip@wrinkl.com.

Wrinkl provides messaging solutions that reduce clutter and distill what’s important along with the tools that facilitate action — all without leaving the conversation. With Wrinkl, conversation is action — not distraction.



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