Holiday Usage of Apple Watch

Wristly Apple Watch Insider’s Report #35

January 14, 2016

Thank you to the more than 1,400 of Wristly members who completed survey #35. The research this week focused on Apple Watch owners possible change of usage behavior over the holiday and a few other related topics including contrasting Apple Watch versus iPhone usage, core metrics on the topic of Holiday sales of Apple Watch, and potential changes in overall satisfaction with Apple Watch.

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Executive Summary

As we looked at the overall results from this week survey, it becomes quite apparent that Apple Watch is the most personal device ever. Very noticeably its usage adapts itself to the situation. For instance those who took a break vs others changed how much they would wear it for, and even more noticeable for the folks who went on traveling while on break vs others. Not surprisingly we also saw symmetrical impact on iPhone usage to Apple Watch. The less one used their Apple Watch, the higher their perceived their usage of iPhone.

From a global market momentum standpoint, the data this week confirms what we predicted last October from the surveys — Apple Watch was a big success this holiday period with an almost half of you reporting that you knew at least one person that bought a Watch for themselves or got one as a gift and a further 10% of you gave at least one as a gift to someone else.

We have measured consistently in prior research a very high satisfaction rate for Apple Watch — our last reading in October 2016 reporting a very high 96% approval rate. This time we discovered that a large proportion of our members rate their satisfaction higher than in the past. So we can say that for a majority, the longer someone owns (and wears) Apple Watch, the more they like it. The report also contains some data on why this might be.

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