Bravo to a healthier lifestyle

Wristly Apple Watch Insider’s Report #13

July 28th, 2015

This week was a big one for Wristly and all the members of our “Inner Circle”! Not only was our customer satisfaction research picked up by over 500 media and news outlets globally, but Tim Cook himself, cited your customer satisfaction scores with the Watch during Apple’s earnings announcement. Your feedback provided perspective to millions of people about how the large majority of real people are actually enjoying their Watches.

This week, we decided to explore what impact the Apple Watch is having on your health, exercise and lifestyle. To that end, we also asked you to share some special moments with your Watches. Reading through each of your responses was probably our best moment of the week here at Wristly — it really highlighted that the Watch is not about just one thing or a few, but rather about a series of special moments — many being truly unique to each of us.

Bravo to a healthier lifestyle!

Making healthy lifestyle changes isn’t always easy. There is a famous quote that says “The first step to change is awareness”, and your responses indicate that the Watch is helping many of you on your health journeys. Over 78% of you agreed or strongly agreed that since getting the Watch, you are more aware of your overall health. In addition, many of you have already made changes with 78% of you agreeing or strongly agreeing that you stand more, 67% that you walk more, 57% that you exercise more and 59% that you make better overall health choices. We saw it in the numbers, and we read it in your comments.

“Prior to the watch I couldn't walk a quarter mile without being in pain. Now I do 5–8 miles at a fast clip every day. That started when I got the watch. It kicked off a lifestyle change for me.”

Apple Watch owners still wearing the Watch

Making change also requires consistency. We asked you how often you wore your Watch, and an astounding 86% of you say you wear it all day, every day. Another 12% wear it most of the time most days, leaving only 1% of our panel that goes more than a few days without wearing it. Only 3 of you reported that you stopped wearing the Watch. Tim Cook mentioned his own set of numbers during the earnings call — citing 94% of customers continuing to wear their Watches. Our numbers are a tad higher but consistent, with the difference likely attributable to the opt-in nature of our panel.

Satisfaction differs across fitness features

For the most part, you are quite satisfied with the Apple Watch health and fitness functionality with the Activity App scoring highest marks with aggregate satisfaction of 89%. We’ve seen both qualitative and quantitative data that tell us you love those rings of achievement, and that the Stand reminders really work to get you up and about. On the flip side, the panel is pretty consistent in feedback that a broader selection of Workout types is necessary. With an aggregate satisfaction score of 60%, only 20% are very satisfied with the selection.

So Many Moments of Delight

Finally, we also asked you to share some special moments with your Watches. We read all of your feedback, and boy was it worth it!! THANK YOU! You guys are a fun bunch and we were honored to have you share such individual and personal stories with us.

You’ve had some amazing times with the Watch. You noted seamless Watch-only experiences (wow, Apple Pay!), the joy of matching your outfits to your band colors, how motivating those rings and awards really are, and how you’ve been able to worry less because your loved ones can always reach you in an emergency. We took a stab at breaking these down for you in categories in case you were interested in how others were finding “delight” with their watch.

Please note, the graphic below does not proportionately represent the frequency with which you are using the features, only what you submitted as your “highlights”.

Thank you once again for your participation in our Apple Watch Research project.

We welcome your thoughts and comments on how we can improve the project moving forward. Do not hesitate to reach out to us at

And please continue to refer family members, friends or colleagues who also have the Watch and would be interested in our project.