[Post 1.3] Master Plan

Pinqiao 'Jerry' Li
Jun 13 · 3 min read

This post will be an overarching guide for my summer 2021 Writ-340. Below will include a specific breakdown for all my WPs, goals I’ve set for myself, and the ways I will be tracking progress. Let’s get into it!

Part 1: WP breakdowns

WP1: Essay on “Why do people procrastinate”, using my personal experiences as guide + scientific research to provide evidence (eg. our brain with instant vs. delayed gratification)

WP2: Podcast with friends on their struggles and combats with procrastination, seeking their specific examples and stories (Will possibly make a table/bar chart on different sources of distraction for display)

WP3: Utilizing analysis from WP1 & WP2, come up with my personal guide to fight back against procrastination. I want to come up with my own flow-state Spotify playlist and a personality test to better understand ourselves on top of the paper itself.

WP4: a Video Vlog (which I am already collecting footage for) documenting my physical and mental journey towards self-discipline, aiming for a10 minute video including a reflective conclusion at the very end

Part 2: Growth Goals

Below are the things I've set for myself to work on this summer. Instead of making grand promises, I want to perform these small tasks daily to build up discipline.

  • Go to bed before 1 am and get 8 hours of sleep
  • Workout 4 times a week
  • Meditate and read every day (could be as little as 5 minutes each)
  • Journal before bed to reflect and express gratitude
  • Keep my screentime below 4 hours

These are the five major goals I’ve come up with so far. It might seem fairly easy but I already know it is going to be hard to keep myself accountable.

Part 3: Tracking

For my workout and screentime trackings, I can display them using the built-in tracker from my phone.

Absurd screen time yesterday

As for the other goals, I looked through the internet and found an amazing tool called ‘Notion’ that keeps a running list for all my goals moving forward.

my Notion Interface

I will set June 13th as my starting date, and tick all the things I’ve completed by the end of the night, which will automatically formulate a calculated percentage at the bottom. In the meantime, I will be taking video footage of my workouts to better track progress as well.

As of this moment, I am extremely motivated to go and crush all my daily tasks; however, I am not sure how much longer I will stay this passionate. Excited to see where summer 2021 and these habits will take me.


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