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At the Edges

… where the interesting things happen

Photo by Alex Guillaume on Unsplash

Van life.

Looks cool, doesn’t it? It has its moments … the freedom of the open road; park by that river; wake to that sunrise; eat al fresco as the sun goes down over the loch; a chilled beer as the fish grills over flames; a chilly evening warmed by the flickering embers of an open fire.

There’s definitely a whole lot of that.

Picture perfect Instagram moments.

And then there’s the other stuff.

The uncertainty. Where to park … will someone disturb us, or move us on. Where’s the next fuel stop? Blimey, it’s cold all of a sudden, how are we keeping the van warm. Oh, yes, that spring tide that nearly caught us out as the water crept higher. Where’s the next place with a shower … laundry, yep, the domestics still need to be done — but you never see that on social media feeds, huh?

So, after some months on the road, we decided to spend winter, well, ‘wintering’. A roof over our heads … some certainty … space to unpack; no immediate choices to be made.

Gently getting comfortable. Deliberately.

But with a comfort zone comes bad habits.

Or, at the very least, getting out of the good habits. More time inside than outside. Less exercise than we need. More food and drink than we need. No good habits to offset the overindulgence.

It’s time to get a little uncomfortable again.

Time to make some plans so we can earn those freedoms. Slip out of the comfort zone and into those ‘go with the flow’ moments.

Just beyond your comfort zone, there are some edges.

At the edges, where the interesting things happen.



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