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Encouragement is a Superpower

Not all superheroes wear tights and capes.

Mind you, not all superheroes think they’re heroes … it’s just a Zoom call after all; just an hour of chat. Superheroes don’t hang about on Zoom, do they? An hour-long call isn’t much of a superpower, is it?

Nearly 2 years ago, we made some scribbles on a notepad — reflections on 5 years of building a business and the values that underpinned it — and we turned them into the Encouragement Manifesto.

It wasn’t particularly intended to be a *thing*. It was just a brain dump. Idle musings, really.

One reflective moment inevitably leads to another though. Slowly, gently, that list of values became an actual *thing*. Sure, it’s an evolving something, but it’s a ‘thing’, nevertheless.

As we evolved The Encouragement Manifesto, a notion emerged that there should be a practical element to it; practice, not preach. At the time, we imagined gatherings; a long table, sharing food and ideas, aligned by values.

But, global pandemic, and all that.

So we did our ‘gathering’ on Zoom. We called these one-to-one gatherings Encouragement Sessions. Free one-hour pep talks with folk who needed a positive and encouraging voice … people who needed another brain to bounce their ideas off. More than 75 calls over 18 months, fitted in around our nomadic lifestyle, timed to coincide with moments of need.

There’s no better time, perhaps, than the new year to take stock; no better time to consider if the things you are doing are the things that make you happy. So we kicked off 2022 with a new wave of encouragement.

An Encouragement Session gently unlocks the stuff that makes you sparkle. The conversations help you decide what it is that you’ll do with what Mary Oliver describes as your ‘one wild and precious life’. Often, the people we talk to just need ‘permission’ to focus on themselves; to prioritise their own joy. Permission to sparkle … permission granted.

We can discuss practical ideas for turning that side project into your everyday. Tools for building a community to support and celebrate your purpose, as you celebrate theirs. Values-led, purpose-driven.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

With your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver ‘The Summer Day’

Anyone can be an encourager. We all have that superpower. A kind word; a listening ear … making time to lift someone up. Turning ‘glass half empty’ into a glass half full. Allowing people to see the opportunities, not the threats. Encouragement is to sow the seeds of optimism, which in turn makes it more likely that the dreamt-of future emerges as your life well-lived.

‘The Future We Choose’ by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac

It all starts with intention. A conscious decision to unlock the future for the folk who need it most.

You just never know how much it might help.

The encouragement sessions have been like a little window into my parallel life, the one that I yearn for, that is filled with energy, positivity, and creativity

Not all superheroes wear tights and capes*

* Well, what they do in their own time is entirely their own business



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