Are You a Bent Tree? How Your “Flaws” Can Help You Achieve Growth

The wind doesn’t break the bending tree

Georgina Odafe
Write A Catalyst


“The wind doesn’t break a tree that bends.”

Recently, I found this quote, and at first, the meaning seems obvious.

One might think it’s telling us to be adaptable so we'll overcome difficulties without much damage.

But after I thought about it more, I found a hidden meaning.

Imagine you’re in a forest.

When you look around, all the trees are standing tall and straight.

Except one.

This one is bent and close to the ground, like in the image below.

Image taken by author

What would you think? That it’s deformed, right?

It’s the abnormal guy, the oddity.

Now, imagine a strong windstorm comes.

All the straight trees break under the pressure of the storm, but the bent one remains standing.

What would you think this time?