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Here’s Why You Should Stop Writing On Substack

If you’re (thinking about) writing on Substack, you really need to reconsider.

Lea Bardot
Write A Catalyst
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4 min readMay 14, 2024


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I’ve been using Substack for a while now.

And at first, I really enjoyed it.

I even considered quitting the platform you’re reading on right now.

My goal was to focus exclusively on Substack.

And grow my audience there.

But I actually ended up hating it.

And I have a few reasons for this.

Photo by Panos Teloniatis on Unsplash

Substack doesn’t have an algorithm.

The Notes feature on Substack does, but that’s just a small part of the platform.

Algorithms are great because they decide who sees your content.

But your Substack newsletter goes straight to your subscribers’ inboxes.

So you can be sure they’ll actually see it.



Lea Bardot
Write A Catalyst

Lea, 35, mindful, non-alcoholic. I write about how I’m slowly escaping my 9-5 by growing my online writing business. I’ve written about quitting alcohol too.