How I Grew To 13,000 Followers (A Simple Guide To Success On Medium)

The 3 stages of growth and what to do at each stage

Derek Hughes
Write A Catalyst


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I started on Medium in January 2023. And have grown to 13,000 followers.

With monthly stats of:

  • $1200 earnings
  • 9k reads

I keep getting asked how I did it.

So let me break down the 3 stages of growth. And the key things you need to do at each stage. Warning: all actions aren’t equal. If you take stage 3 actions when you’re stage 1. You’re wasting your time.

So let you show how growing on Medium works. So you know what to do next.

So if you’re ready. Let’s dive in.

Stage 1: Get going

(0–500 followers, $0–25)

The 3 key actions that helped me grow through stage 1.

1. Get better

When you start please please please ignore the metrics.



Derek Hughes
Write A Catalyst

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