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How Tapping Into Desires Can Make You Wealthy

Your fortune lies in understanding what others crave, and you’re the key to their wants and your wealth.

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6 min readApr 8, 2024


We all desire something more. Image by author via Midjourney.

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You know how it often goes: “Solve problems,” “fix pain points.”

It has been said over and over.

However, what about if we started focusing on fulfilling desires instead of just solving problems?

This thought hit me like a lightning bolt.

Desires, you see, are more profound than mere problems. They tap into our deepest yearnings, those things we dream of but can’t always articulate.

This insight dawned on me when I was looking at my aging belly (this will become clear shortly).

It wasn’t just about sorting out client issues; it was about diving into their unspoken desires. Take my younger, bachelor days, for instance. I’d be at the gym every summer, working out intensely. I admit, I was one of “those” guys then (not any more haha).

Why? I wanted to rock in my beach shorts and get noticed!

It was less about a fitness issue and more about my desire for recognition, and to feel confident.

That’s the crux of “Meeting Desires” — understanding these deep-seated longings that can revolutionize how we approach everything from business to personal relationships.

I want to explore this notion and reveal that secret. Let’s see if we can look past the problems and explore the universe of desires for unprecedented success and fulfillment.

So, let’s see what I come up with and see how catering to desires could be your path to greatness (and money)!

Understanding People’s Core Desires

For us as creators and entrepreneurs, there’s something bigger at play than just meeting basic needs in our products or services. We’re diving deep, right into the heart of what our audience really craves.

Think about it for a minute. What we’re offering goes way beyond a simple solution. We’re actually handing over a key that unlocks dreams, tapping right into their deepest aspirations and emotions.

That’s the game changer — our offerings shift from just being handy to something deeply personal, a part of someone’s emotional journey.

Now, imagine someone wanting to make money from writing. It might look like they’re just after the cash, but is that all there is to it?

Take a closer look, and it’s about much more. We’re talking about a desire for creative freedom, being the captain of their own ship, breaking free from the regular 9 to 5 grind.

So, when we come up with something like a writing course or a freelancing platform, it’s not just about giving them a tool. We’re actually opening up a whole new world of freedom and creative fulfillment.

This new perspective? It’s crucial. It means looking beyond what our products or services do to connect with our audience’s hearts and dreams.

Our creations become more than choices; they become part of our customers’ personal stories. By tapping into these deep-seated desires, we’re not just satisfying customers; we’re building loyalty, and passion, and making a real impact.

That’s the secret sauce to making solutions that aren’t just hits, but genuinely life-changing.

Crafting Irresistible Appeal Is the Key to Success

Have you ever considered the genius behind brands like Apple and Bobby Brown?

They’ve achieved something remarkable. Not only do they meet basic needs, but they also delve into our deeper, emotional desires. This concept reminds me of my beach season prep. Health was part of my motivation, yes, but there was something more compelling. I was after those admiring glances, that feeling of turning heads. This was about desire, far beyond mere necessity.

Now, let’s talk about Apple. They’ve transcended mere tech products. Instead, they’re selling a lifestyle, an identity. When people buy Apple, they’re not just looking for electronics.

They’re aspiring to be part of something — something innovative, prestigious, even elite. Apple brilliantly taps into this longing for belonging, for being part of the ‘cool club.’ It’s a clever strategy, connecting their products not just to utility, but to an aspirational lifestyle.

Similarly, consider Bobby Brown, the renowned makeup brand. Their products go beyond mere cosmetics. Each item — be it lipstick or foundation — is like a pledge of transformation, akin to my beach body ambitions.

This brand understands that its customers are searching for more than beauty enhancement. They’re seeking avenues for self-expression, empowerment, and boldness.

These brands have mastered a crucial concept. Success isn’t just about fulfilling a need. It’s far more profound.

It’s about touching someone’s emotions, much like I aimed to do with my summer physique. It’s crucial to remember this in your business endeavors.

It’s not solely about the products or services you provide. It’s more about the feelings they evoke and the deep-seated desires they fulfill. This insight is at the heart of effectively meeting people’s desires, paving the way to success.

Five Tips To Achieve Wealth by Fulfilling Desires

Ready to take the plunge into unlocking your audience’s deepest desires?

Here are five savvy tips to help you uncover those hidden treasures:

1. Master the Art of Chit-Chat: Forget those yawn-inducing surveys. It’s time for real, engaging conversations. Dive into social media, forums, or your favorite coffee spot. Think of yourself as a desire detective, where every chat is a clue to what really makes your audience tick.

2. Storytelling Wizardry: Weave stories and watch the magic unfold. It’s like you’re a wizard, spinning narratives to reveal hidden truths. Pay attention to how your audience reacts; their responses are breadcrumbs leading to their deepest yearnings.

3. Data Sleuthing: Observe what your customers do, not just what they say. It’s like you’re on a social media stakeout (the good kind!). Their clicks and likes are the pieces to their desire puzzle, waiting to be solved.

4. Event Extravaganza: Create experiences that pull people into your world. It’s like hosting the ultimate bash and noticing where everyone loves to hang out. These moments are a treasure trove for understanding what really resonates with your crowd.

5. Feedback Fiesta: Make giving feedback a blast. When sharing thoughts feels like a game, everyone wants to play. Use zany polls and fun quizzes — each response is a key to unlocking more about your audience’s true wishes.

Mix these insightful strategies, and you’re in for a real treat. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your audience’s desires, going beyond the surface to tailor your offerings just right.

It’s like a thrilling quest for desire — gear up and get ready to uncover some serious gold!

Final Thoughts

Here’s to creating a meaningful impact by addressing those deeper yearnings, leading us not only to personal fulfillment but also to wealth in our business endeavors.

As we wrap up this journey into the depths of desires, it’s evident that it’s about so much more than just surface-level goals. It’s a deep dive into understanding what drives us, seeking those core motivations that propel us toward success.

Remember, it’s not simply about ticking off boxes or addressing problems. It’s about truly connecting with what people deeply seek — their hidden dreams and aspirations.

In my experiences, aligning with these core desires has been key to not only achieving personal goals but also unlocking wealth and success in my professional pursuits.

So, as you forge ahead in your business, whether launching a product or refining a service, aim to resonate with these deeper needs. Moreover, it’s about kindling a genuine connection with your audience, creating experiences that are not just satisfying but also enriching.

Keep these lessons in mind as you strategize.

Focusing on fulfilling deeper desires doesn’t just create customers; it cultivates a passionate community, of supporters who believe in your brand.

This approach is the cornerstone for not only achieving wealth but also for leaving a lasting, significant mark in the world (and looking good at the beach too!).

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