Here’s How This Small Substack Account Got 600+ Subscribers In 7 Days

Growing your Substack newsletter is actually not that hard.

Lea Bardot
Write A Catalyst
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3 min readMay 23, 2024


Photo by Lindsay Henwood on Unsplash

For some online writers, growth comes naturally; but for others, it takes years.

So when people ask me how I achieve instant growth, I feel obliged to share my strategy.

And I’m always looking for new growth strategies that I can share.

Today I’m sharing the story of how Marie Vandoorne grew her small Substack account, and how she got over 600 subscribers in just 7 days.

Now, she’s got over 1,700 subscribers and 6 paid subscribers.

Marie started her Substack journey at the end of February.

Prior to that, she spent about a year on LinkedIn which left her feeling disconnected and frustrated.

On LinkedIn, she got caught up in the chase for followers and engagement metrics. This ultimately made her lose touch with her passion for writing.

The move to Substack breathed new life into her work though.

From day one, she found an incredibly supportive and engaging community.



Lea Bardot
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