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I’m Quietly Cracking The Code Of Medium’s Mysterious Algorithm

Stat by stat.

Lea Bardot
Write A Catalyst
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3 min readMay 18, 2024


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Medium’s algorithm is a beast.

It’s the unseen hand that decides which articles get shown to the masses and which ones stay hidden.

And there are plenty of rumors about it.

Some writers swear by using specific headline formulas.

Others say to look at posting at certain days or certain times.

Some say to just focus on writing high quality articles.

There are also countless boost guidelines.

But to me, the boost is like waiting to win the lottery.

And for what it’s worth: I’m making $1,000 a month consistently, without getting boosted.

Medium keeps its secrets close to the vest.

And that’s incredibly frustrating.

Because we all want our articles to be seen.

But, we can learn a lot about the algorithm by analyzing the data.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about Medium’s algorithm.



Lea Bardot
Write A Catalyst

Lea, 35, mindful, non-alcoholic. I write about how I’m slowly escaping my 9-5 by growing my online writing business. I’ve written about quitting alcohol too.