One Hidden Truth I Wish I Realized Earlier About Slow Growth

Georgina Odafe
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3 min readJun 13, 2024


A Scar Lied to Me for Years!

Photo by James Kemp on Unsplash

What if slow growth isn’t slow at all?

We usually judge our progress by how fast we see results.

At first, I used to think I was growing too slowly. Later, I realized that slow growth isn’t always what it looks like.

Sometimes, what we call slow growth is actually normal or fast growth that we fail to recognize.

But we don’t notice because our perception is clouded.

For example, I used to have a scar on my face that I hated for many years because I thought it was an obvious flaw.

Until the day I noticed something surprising.

The scar that no one could see

As a child, I liked watching flames.

We had a kerosene lamp.

Every evening, I’d sit in front of it and watch how the flame danced, even though my mum tried to keep it away from me.

One day, I got too close, and the hot glass burned my face. It left a huge scar.

At first, the scar didn’t worry me.