Your Dreams Won’t Wait, So Stop Waiting for Permission

Life doesn’t have a long queue

Georgina Odafe
Write A Catalyst


Photo by Andrea Tummons on Unsplash

I found this proverb-

The one who kept waiting for permission to eat only got the leftovers.

Recently, I read the first half of James Altucher’s book “Skip the Line.”

There was a time when he wanted to share an idea with the big boss.

But his direct boss told him that he couldn’t skip the line and that he needed to wait for permission.

James didn’t listen.

He took a chance, went straight to the boss’s office, and the idea got approved!

Why do we think we need permission?

We all want to grow.

We want to be better, improve ourselves and our lives, and achieve great things.

Unfortunately, we get stuck waiting for permission to do the things that will make us learn and grow.

Think about the technology and other things we use every day.

Do you think the inventors waited for anyone's permission?

They had to face rejection and discouragement many times.