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Increased Earnings and Obligations

Advice on writing and Medium

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Hello dear writers and reviewers!

A lot has happened since I last sent out a newsletter for this publication. I had intended to send one out monthly, but a trending article had me busy answering messages (and hate mail). You can read about that here:

I Made $858 in My Third Month on Medium

I still view ‘Write and Review’ as a place for promoting the work of independent writers, but please don’t hesitate to send submissions on a variety of topics. I’m open to reviews on well-known works, craft of writing pieces, and creative writing.

I realize some of you are still new to Medium, so I put together this article that contains links to everything I’ve written about Medium. If you have more questions, please ask, that gives me another topic to write about!

How To Maximize Your Medium Earnings

A couple of our most recent reviews include the following:

Book review: “Playing with Hellfire” by Harper A. Brooks and Mila Young review by Tasha McKnight

We Need More Women in STEM Fields! review by Walter Rhein book by Isi Idemudia PhD

Growing Up In ’70s Wisconsin review by Walter Rhein

A Touching and Mature Meditation on Life, Love, and Mortality review by Walter Rhein book by Alison Acheson

A Woman in the Military review by Alison Acheson

Two Reasons Why Author Roland Smith Is One of My Heroes review by Terry Trueman book by Roland Smith

An Ancient Nephilim, Sig .45s, and a Whole Lot of Attitude! review by Travis Ludvigson

What Do You Do With a Literature Degree? review by Alison Acheson book by Walter Rhein

There’s some fun stuff on that list, largely because many of the authors are here on Medium. Don’t hesitate to reach out with comments and questions. Writers are always in desperate need of such interactions.

I’ve had a wonderful time interacting with Alison on Medium and have benefited greatly from her insight. I’ve connected with many of the rest of you either in person or via email. The more we move our communications to Medium, however, the more easily it translates into revenue. As long as we’re spending time reading each other’s work, we might as well do so in a way that makes the author a few pennies right?

This publication continues to grow which is great to see. I always promote book reviews on Twitter and the rest of my social media network. Don’t forget to drop comments and claps!

Best to all of you and good luck with all your works in progress!



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