Please. Ignore people who list the reasons you’re not writer material

Linda Caroll
Nov 24 · 2 min read

No one gets to stomp on another person’s dream.

I do not like being the voice of dissent; the person running around
pointing out that someone on the internet is wrong.
Full time job, that. And not my cuppa.

Fred Rogers said when things are rough, look for the helpers
and I much prefer to wear that sweater. Look here’s a tip,
you can do this, I believe in you. That’s who I am.

Mama used to tell me I can’t right all the wrongs, can’t fight
all the battles. Pick your battles, she said. I pick this one.
No one gets to tell you what you can or cannot do.

No one gets to stomp on another person’s dream.

It’s hard, they say — and that’s true. It is hard. But please, tell
me — is there anything in life, worth having, that isn’t hard?
Hard doesn’t matter. Is it possible? That’s what matters.

Do creative people not question ourselves enough, already?
Writers, artists, and makers of things question and doubt
enough already. Can I do this? Am I good enough?

Do we really need gasoline thrown on that fire? Voices saying
the thoughts that already whisper in our heads? I think not.
And to what end and what purpose? Clicks and claps?

Everything but desire can be learned…

When my daughter was 11, she wrote to her favorite author, and
the author wrote back. Encouraging. If you long to write, then
you must, she said. The need to write is what makes a writer.

It’s not about the toolbox. Skills can be learned, words can be
rewritten, no different than Harper Lee rewriting over and over
and over again. It was simply this. She had a story to tell.

If you long to write, then you have what it takes. If you have a
story to tell, then you have what it takes. If you have a voice that
wants to be heard, you have what it takes. So, go. Write.

Write Before Lunch

Writing about writing

Linda Caroll

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Write Before Lunch

Writing about writing

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