The Battle Against Women’s Reproductive Rights

Women have long since had their voices and womanhood overpowered by men. I narrowed down issues that I feel are the biggest threat to women reproductive rights: men in high powered positions in politics that use their male privileges to persuade voters, the media who manipulates stories and are often on sided, and extreme radicals with no regard to other perspectives. This topic is important to me because it directly affects me as a woman.

Men in politics have are more likely to have people agree with them because they are men, that is a privilege. Men have this connation that they are leaders, so if a man takes a stance as pro-life and begins to make laws that fit his beliefs, oppression will rise in those who think differently.

The media can be used for good and bad. Pro-lifers like to use it for the latter and spread misconstrued information. Misleading headlines often portray buzz words to get people talking. For this reason it is important to do research on your own because some medias are biased.

Lastly leave extreme radicals who impede the progress of women’s reproductive rights. From their protests on school campuses filled with graphic anti abortion images to the fatal attacks they commit annually. Pro-life radicals are selfish and are not benefiting any women.

In my conclusion I feel men in politics spewing their gender biased views, along with twisted media articles and extreme radicals, put women’s reproductive rights are at risk. What can be done? Voting down asinine sexist bills that claim to aid women but do the latter, and just the continued advocacy on behalf on women.

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