This 12-year-old knows how to dominate community service

Mackenzie Hinson of Make a Difference Food Pantry Steps Up Big for the volunteers of Team Rubicon

Mackenzie Hinson, the POMAD (President of Make a Difference) Food Pantry loading up food with Team Rubicon’s Bess Wells.
Food to be delivered to students who qualify for the Backpack Buddy Program at a local Elementary and Middle School.
Mackenzie Hinson with Katie Palmer, daugter of TR’s North Carolina’s State Administrator Greg Palmer on-site in Gatlinburg, TN delivering donations to kick off Team Rubicon’s Op Blue Smoke
Thank you to Make a Difference Food Pantry and Katie Palmer for coordinating donations in Gatlinburg, TN. Here are Kenzie and Katie with Team Rubicon on Operation Blue Smoke.



Volunteers and supporters of Team Rubicon are invited to weigh in on disaster response, continued service, non-profit lessons, or why everyone looks great in grey.

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Bethany Watson

Team Rubicon Greyshirt, R6 Comms Manager & ASIST Trained. NASA Johnson Space Center 2015 intern alumni in their External Relations Office of Education.