Mothers and Daughters

A poem

Christina Sng
Write Like a Girl
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1 min readFeb 18, 2021


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Ask me about
The delicate bond between
A mother and daughter

And I could give you
A tome of grief and
A river of sadness.

For nothing breaks
A daughter like the lack
Of her mother’s love.

Nothing destroys her
Like the barbs of criticism
That never stop.

They tear at her,
Peeling layers off her skin
Until she is raw from just

Being exposed to air —
It gets hard to breathe,
Let alone live.

My daughter will not
Experience all that,
I promised myself this.

She will always feel loved
And heard. My time is hers
If she needs it.

She hugs me and tells me
Her deepest secrets
And greatest wishes.

She’s grown up strong
And steely-willed
And she knows who she is.

Ask me about
The strong bond between
A mother and daughter.

And I will give you
A tome of hope and
A river of healing.

First published in the Sing Lit Insta Takeover, 2020



Christina Sng
Write Like a Girl

Three-time Bram Stoker Award-winning author and Stoker nominated essayist. Vice President of the SFPA.