Celebrate When You Start a New Book

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“The date you begin writing, or start a new book, should be memorable, like a wedding date or a birthday.”

Barbara Abercrombie, A Year of Writing Dangerously

I don’t always remember dates

Do you remember the day Jesus saved you?” my pastor often asks. “If not, you may not be saved.”

I don’t remember. Not really. It’s something I’m not very clear on, but I know I am saved. And I do remember the day I was baptized again as an adult, with my older daughter (who up till that point had resisted being baptized). That was February 28, 2021. One of the most memorable days of my life.

Same with the day I started writing my current WIP. I have a master copy dated 09/08/21, but I know I started writing it before that. I just marked the master copy with the date to help keep track of changes and revisions from one draft to another. So, that day is memorable because I have a record of it. Incidentally, that was the day after I started my latest fitness journey. I only remember that because it was the day after Labor Day, which I basically spent in bed binge-watching TV.

Obviously, September was a good month for me to start (or, at least, restart) things that would improve me as a person and as a writer.

I don’t think that’s coincidence

I don’t believe in coincidence. And I don’t think the fact that I don’t remember my actual salvation experience or the actual date I started writing my book makes either one of those things any less real.

I think the point of this quote is just to say that starting a new book is an important thing. It’s not something to take lightly, and it’s not something to ignore.

So, pay attention the next time you start a new book. What day is it? Circle it on the calendar or program it into Google. Call your friends and throw a party.

It’s okay to get excited about your writing journey, and to share that excitement with others. After all, writing a new book, or any book, is something most people won’t ever be able to claim to do.

That makes it extraordinary, amazing, and definitely worth celebrating.

Originally published at https://mishaelaustinwitty.com on April 19, 2022.



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