The Miracle of Just Enough

just enough
Photo by Shaya Kass on Unsplash

Fixed meatloaf for church Bible Study yesterday. I made just enough for 12 because that’s usually the maximum number of people who attend.

When I walked in the building, I saw 15 people present. So, I prayed. “God, remember what You did with the loaves and the fishes? Yeah. If you could do that again with this meatloaf, that would be great.”

I purposely waited till last before I got my food. Or, almost last. The pastor won’t let anybody go through the line after him.

By that time, one pan was completely gone, but the other still had what looked like plenty. The pans were both empty by the time lunch was over.

For someone who usually makes two to three times as much food as I know I’ll need, that was a hard lesson. But God showed up, and I’m grateful!

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Mishael Witty

Mishael Witty

Committed to making something beautiful out of the broken pieces.