This Is Why I’m Genuinely Exhausted at the End of the Morning Rush

An unfiltered look at our daily get-ready-for-school routine

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

5 AM

I need funny early in the morning.

5:30 AM

I am truly blessed.

6:30 AM

There’s usually nothing urgent to deal with, email-wise, at 6:30 in the morning.

6:45 AM

My eight year old is a champion at eating while sleeping.

Not a chance.

7 AM

And I haven’t forgotten to put a note in her lunch bag since.

  • Making sure clothes and shoes get put on correctly.
  • Making sure deodorant has been applied, as necessary.
  • Making sure hair has been thoroughly brushed and styled — i.e., pushed and held back out of their faces with bobby pins, headbands, etc. This part usually does not occur without screams of protest as I try to remove certain stubborn tangles that certain children have basically ignored as they brushed their hair themselves. I’m pretty sure, at this point, the neighbors think we are torturing our children when we’re just trying to make sure they look okay to go out in public.
  • Making sure teeth have been brushed (this activity also tends to have some fighting attached to it, as the eight year old typically refuses to use any toothpaste that isn’t fruit-flavored and laden with sugar) and fluoride mouthwash has been swished.

7:30 AM

7:40 AM

And, at some point during this quiet time, I realize how exhausted I am…as well as how thoroughly grateful I am that I do not work outside the home.

They don’t call it “power nap” for nothing!



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