Writing Is More Than a Hobby

“Writing is not a hobby. Collecting stamps or coins is a hobby. Writing is a calling.”

Barbara Abercrombie, A Year of Writing Dangerously

For a long time, I treated writing as a hobby. I have some other hobbies-reading, making beaded jewelry, and singing being some of them. Writing is different.

Writing is more than a hobby. It’s a compulsion.

If I’m not writing, I’m not happy.

Often, I’m hit with a burning desire to put words down on paper. Making jewelry doesn’t affect me that way. I don’t get cranky if I’m not singing. Sometimes I do get cranky if I don’t have time to read. But when it comes to choosing between reading and writing, I must choose writing. Every time.

A couple of years ago, I decided to get serious about my writing. To stop treating it like the hobby it isn’t. Writing is my calling.

Maybe it’s your calling too. And if you’re a Christian who writes, it’s definitely your calling. It’s what God has put in your heart to do to serve Him in a way only you can.

Hobbies fill time. Writing often consumes mine, and it often consumes my thoughts when I’m doing other things besides writing.

Writing is more than a hobby. It’s what I was created to do.

How about you?

Originally published at https://mishaelaustinwitty.com on April 20, 2022.



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Mishael Witty

Mishael Witty

Committed to making something beautiful out of the broken pieces. www.mishaelaustinwitty.com