Coffee Break 021: Jenny Bravo

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Aside from having an amazingly perfect name, Jenny Bravo is the author of These Are The Moments, as well as the Jenny Bravo Books (formerly Blots & Plots) blog.

Jenny works a full-time job in addition to writing and blogging and producing online courses, so she was a natural fit for this show.

“I’m a planner by survival… So if I’m going to sit down on my lunch break and write… I’d better know what I’m writing.”

Jenny’s full-time job is in insurance — which isn’t glamorous, but it does afford her the creative energy to write over her lunch break and when she gets home.

“We have to stop wishing that our circumstances were different and just be OK with what they are and figure it out from there.”

Jenny and I have a beautifully honest conversation about writing sprints, not editing as you write, handwriting with pen & paper, being distracted from writing by the internet, keeping a scene list, our mutual love of Twitter, and tons more. I hope you enjoy it.

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Originally published at on September 23, 2016.