Coffee Break 030: Janna Maron

Sometimes the best way to share an intimate experience is to just tell it like it is. In this episode of Coffee Break, we explore the fascinating world of creative nonfiction and how to use storytelling to connect with readers on a more personal level.

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My interview with Janna Maron on YouTube
“The creative nonfiction genre allowed me to do more self-reflection than I think is allowable in fiction.”

My guest today is Janna Maron, creator and editor of Under the Gum Tree, a reader-supported quarterly literary arts magazine. Under the Gum Tree features storytelling in the form of creative nonfiction and visual art, encouraging writers to share “stories without shame”.

“You ultimately have to create whatever community or support that you want for yourself.”

Today, Janna and I talk about discovering a passion project, the time and effort it takes to build it from the ground up, and the joys of sharing yourself with others. I hope Janna’s story inspires you to create something meaningful and have the courage to share it with complete strangers. You just may find your readers saying “Me too!”

“If you don’t see the thing that you want in the world, maybe that means you should be part of creating it and bringing it to life.”

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Originally published at on February 16, 2017.