Coffee Break 039: Robert Tanenbaum

What is the real value of writing in the modern world? Does it still possess the power to move people or capture the values of an entire nation? My guest today reminds me that the written word is still very much a force to be reckoned with.

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“Doing a novel is… about many different things that matter to me. The integrity of the characters is reflective of my views of the integrity of the system. The fun part is: what is the story I want to tell that will highlight the kinds of things that we care about?”

I am very excited to share today’s Coffee Break with you, friends. I had the honor of speaking with attorney, politician, and popular American novelist Robert Tanenbaum. We talk about his latest novel, Infamy, and his newest work-in-progress, Without Fear or Favor, coming this September.

But the conversation soon shifted toward such compelling topics as the virtue of the American judicial system, the essence of a great story, and the genius of our nation’s forefathers.

“We have to uplift the system of our government. Lying is not sufficient. Within the rule of law in our country, we’re capable of doing anything right.”

Having written over 30 crime novels and works of non-fiction, Robert captures the American ideal of justice and reminds readers that the honor and history of our nation’s most sacred institutions are worth upholding and defending.

I hope todays’ episode moves you to inspire others through your own writing. I always encourage people to make their mark in the literary world. But don’t take my word for it. As Robert puts it:

“I believe most of us have at least one book in us.”

Check in with Robert to see how his latest novel is coming along! You can find links to his entire collection of work in the links below. Thanks for listening and keep writing!

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Originally published at on May 19, 2017.