Terry Bain
Apr 17, 2019 · 2 min read
“And you may find yourself in a beautiful house / With a beautiful wife / And you may ask yourself, well / How did I get here?” —Talking Heads, “Once in a Lifetime”

Write One Leaf is a place for writers, for writing, to prompt you to move your hands. Writing is a process of thought, but it is also a process of motion. Sometimes your brain simply will not engage until your hands or doing something. So move your hands.

I define “one leaf” is as two pages of text (via Wictionary: A sheet of a book, magazine, etc [consisting of two pages, one on each face of the leaf]), but it could be more or less than that (leaves come in different sizes, you know). It could be fiction or non-fiction or poetry or lyrics. It could be a recipe or a list or instructions how how to care for your pet iguana. It could be frustrated nonsense. Brilliant pablum. Honest screaming.

“Look where my hand was’” —Talking Heads, “Once in a LIfetime”

Set a timer if that helps. Give yourself all day. Or twenty-two minutes. Or the time it takes for light to travel from the sun to the moon then back to earth (about eight minutes). Write what you know. Write what you don’t know. Write by the seat of your pants. Write a song. Write words on the branches of a tree. Write for someone you’d like to get to know better. Write for yourself. Write on a napkin or write in a leather journal or write on a wrapper that you pulled off a bar of soap. Whatever you do: write. And we’ll see you again tomorrow.

Write One Leaf is a Medium publication by Terry Bain, who is the author of You Are a Dog and We Are the Cat, as well as many short stories and a biography and too many poems. Links that lead outside the publication may be sponsored (like this one). To be sure you receive all Write One Leaf prompts, subscribe to the publication.

“Same as it ever was / Same as it ever was / Same as it ever was / Same as it ever was / Same as it ever was / Same as it ever was / Same as it ever was / Same as it ever was / Same as it ever was” —Talking Heads, “Once in a LIfetime”

Feel free to write your leaf as a response to the prompt in question, or to include a link to the prompt page in your own Medium post. I’d love to see what you’re up to.

Terry Bain

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Author of You Are a Dog (Crown) http://amzn.to/1GTUrXf & We Are the Cat (Crown). Writing teacher in Spokane. Full of the dickens. http://terrybain.com

Write One Leaf

Medium is for writing, and Write One Leaf prompts you to write every day. Write one fortune cookie or two legal pad pages or three notecards or four restaurant napkins or five pizza boxes or whatever etc is. Write one leaf. Right now.

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