3 Steps You Must Take After Publishing Your Book

What to do right after your book goes live.

Jyssica Schwartz
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6 min readMar 29, 2021


You’ve published your book. Yay!

That’s super exciting and I’m proud of you.

You may be wondering what comes next.

Not in terms of marketing — you’ve probably been thinking a lot about how to market your book on social media, maybe doing some paid ads, and sending it out to your entire email list.

But what about immediately after it goes live? How do you get a nice author page and link the formats to one page and have everything together?

I’ve got you! It’s easy, and here’s a super straightforward walk-through of the three steps you need to take to create an author page, add your books to your page, and link multiple formats.

Step 1: Create an Amazon Author page.

Your author page is the page people see when shopping on Amazon and they click on your name. Here is mine:

You create this author page in Amazon’s AuthorCentral.

So, first, go to https://author.amazon.com/ and create an account with your Amazon login credentials — the same way you did for KDP and any other Amazon-specific sites that are not Amazon.com.

Go to the “Profile” tab at the top of the page and add a photo and your bio. You can add any photo and bio you want. Amazon recommends keeping your bio under 1000 characters.

Bio editing page.

You can preview the bio from there or go back to the Home page tab and previewing your entire Amazon author page on Amazon.com or any other Amazon site — such as amazon.co.uk, amazon.de, and amazon.co.jp.

Home page tab and viewing your author page.



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