How to Get and Keep Clients as a Freelancer

Relationship building for solo entrepreneurs

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6 min readMay 27, 2019


Apparently, most writers aren’t good at marketing, and many salespeople aren’t the best at writing. Or at least that’s what people keep telling me.

I am lucky enough to be both, which has been extremely successful for me. It has truly been my superpower, which allows me to be my own boss and to let me get my business up and running very quickly.

Relationship building is an extremely important skill. Many people who consider themselves extroverted — or a ‘people person’ — may also find that they are strong at job interviews and good at networking in group settings.

However, more introverted people may find themselves at a surprising advantage in the one-on-one relationships and phone calls that freelancing often requires.

Relationship selling is defined as “a sales technique that focuses on the interaction between the buyer and the salesperson rather than the price or details of the product.”

Relationship sales focus on building a relationship and a rapport with a potential client for long-term results instead of just trying to close a short-term or one-time sale right now.

95% of my work and communication is done via email, text, Slack, Facebook Messenger, etc. This mode of communication is fast, easy, and best of all does not require pants.

And there are ways to be great at phone calls and written communication.

Phone calls & relationships

When it comes to winning over potential clients, I believe in the power of a great conversation.

When a prospect is asking me about pricing and information, I don’t just shove my website in their face and tra-la-la away to my next task.

I ask them for a time to jump on a phone call. Instead of giving them a straight-up price, I explain that prices depend on needs and scope of projects, and that monthly retainers are often less expensive than paying per project, per word, or per hour. I say:



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