When & How To Negotiate Salary

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It is well-known that women are less likely than men to ask for more money or negotiate their salaries when starting a new role.

But really, many people of ALL genders find it difficult to negotiate for more money or straight up ask for a raise.

I’m here to help.

And if you want to go into why you should negotiate your salary (and how to answer the “salary expectation” question!), check out the follow-up to this article here:

WHEN to negotiate salary

There are 3 main times to ask for more money.

  1. When receiving a new job offer
  2. At your annual performance review
  3. When you are given/do additional responsibilities outside of your original job description

I’m sure there are more, but these are the primary three times.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of ways to calculate compensation — don’t ONLY focus on the salary amount. If one company pays $5000 less but covers your entire health benefits, you may actually take home more money from them.

HOW to negotiate salary

The first method is to negotiate at the very beginning — when you receive a job offer.

The second way to negotiate for more money is to prepare reasons and then ask for a raise from your current employer.

The third — also effective but has some drawbacks — way is to leverage another offer to get more money where you currently are. This is called looking for a counteroffer.

Let’s talk about them.

Asking for more money at the job offer stage

The job offer stage is the right time to negotiate salary in the interview and hiring process. This is also when you have the most leverage — you know they want you!



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