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Recovery, Challenges, and 2019 Goals. Day 15

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

Halfway into the first month, so far so good. Except I have a lot of miles to make up.

At the end of December, another software update on my Peloton came with the announcement of Challenges.

I joined a couple, hoping they’d help me stick to my exercise goals.

The Challenges I Joined:
1. Ride 50 miles in January.
2. Follow a class every day from the app.

So far, I’ve opened the app and followed at least one class every day for the last 15 days. A couple of times it’s only been a 5-minute meditation class. The majority I’ve taken have been 15 or 20-minute yoga classes. Which means I’m doing okay with the second challenge.

As far as riding 50 miles goes, I’m about a third of the way there, with half a month to go. Which means I need to get in the saddle and ride!

Overall, I’m feeling good, stronger. I’m enjoying the yoga classes and the new instructors. I’ve taken a few strength training and core classes and can see myself taking more of them, maybe one later today. Or tomorrow. But definitely some yoga this evening.

Next Up: Working on my diet.

Are you tackling your 2019 exercise goals? Or have you already given up? I hope not!

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