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What are Republicans So Afraid Of?

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And why I’m FREAKING out about it.

Why are Republican Senators not standing up to Trump and the insanity taking over this administration?

What are they so afraid of? Are too many of them caught in this moment — being black mailed for their past actions by people who are, who are what? Scarier than they are?

Why don’t they want to get to the truth of all the matters facing them right now? Russia? Collusion? Treason? Money Laundering? A total take over of our government by a hostile foreign country? A power grab by a few to rule over many? (You included.)

Why are they putting their heads in the sand? Is doing nothing easier than doing something? Apparently.

Trump is doing what he said he’d do: Drain the Swamp.

We just didn’t think it would be by taking the top third of the government, his family and colleagues, to prison.

But, when they go, then what?

Who will step up? Who will stand up to what is going on now and make it stop?

What happens if no one does anything?

What happens if ‘they’ win?

If this trashing and bashing of America, of traditions, safeguards, the rule of law and American rights continues, Americans could be soon be living in a very different world. (Any one check out what life in Russia is like? I’ll let you find your own stuff because what I found was disturbing.)

And then what?




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