An Opaque Fusain Sky

Free Verse

A.H. Mehr
Write Under the Moon
1 min readJun 11, 2024


A night landscape of icy mountains in the background of a black sky and full moon with birds flying
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I stride slowly into an
experienced non-existence,
to go back in time to glimpse those times
of hope — that were a cliff’s edge away,
but became an eternal wait.

I see a bright moon give sheen
to an opaque fusain sky —
a favor-like moment; that
I let its illusion touch me,
without knowing this fades with time.

I see that I had set aside dark silhouettes
while decorating my dreams — that
I rejoiced, I dressed in hues,
came back dejected, and befriended
the same waiting shadows.

I see that I had surrounded myself
with grief for days and months and years,
then with poetic verses that were
exposing all my emotions,
without being seen.

I have with me now, outdated sheaves
of poesies — blank ripping pages,
something yet to be written.
If written, yet to be read and misread.
If misread, I don’t



A.H. Mehr
Write Under the Moon

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