Art Challenge. 30 Days of Drawing. Day 13

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Today’s word prompt was ‘precious’.

I chose to draw an image relating to that precious commodity, clean water.

A malnourished child collecting water from a pump. It might seem like an ordinary happening in many parts of the world, but the likelihood is that the child might not have lived without that source because dirty water still kills thousands of children every day.

There is probably nothing more important to public health than the availability of clean water. How dreadful conditions must have been in the crowded cities without sanitation! Even now, there are millions of people who survive without access to clean water.

If you are considering giving to a charity, one that provides water to remote communities is likely to be the most effective means of giving, bringing the possibility of good health to the most people.

Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director of the European Environment Agency stated that water is life itself, but also our health, food, leisure and energy.

It really is a truly precious commodity.




What inspires your words to flow?

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