Cats Cradle, My Moon Pie

A poem about my feline soulmate

Marilyn Glover
Write Under the Moon
2 min readMay 18, 2024


Photo of Max, the author's 15-year-old cat sitting on a grey couch. Max is long-haired, white, and grey with hints of brown. His eyes are green and his breed is unknown with the best guess suggesting Norwegian Forrest.
My 15-year-old Max- author’s photo

Tufted king, my good ol’ boy
you came to me
rehomed at the age of four
a gem of a find
at a local
downtown discount store
there you were
lying in a panty bin
walking by
I side-eyed
your fluffy flipping tail
disbelief, albeit brief
to our first encounter
I still laugh
recalling you lounging
in a bin of britches
satin, lace, and silk
your sleeping smile
contented cat
not of mother’s milk
then one day
the nice man behind the counter
said you required more
much more than a life
living in a store
home, you came with me
eleven years ago
you needed me
but little did I know
back then
how much I needed you, too



Marilyn Glover
Write Under the Moon

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