Death, Taxes, and a Balcony View

The sharp knife of aging

Carlo Zeno
Write Under the Moon
2 min readMay 31, 2024


Image of a balcony view overlooking a city.
Photo by Warren on Unsplash

the cake is cut.
chocolate, dark red

fruit. might have
well been my

heart, my fate,
my face.

why does violence
pour from my pen?

can I touch life’s blade
with a few sharp words?

always approximating,
taking a stab, missing.

years don’t make you wiser,
kinder, finer, more skilled.

the wisdom of aging
is a myth, a bedtime story.

years cut into you, crack
you up, divide you, etch

lines of life’s cruel truths
into your incredulous face.

you inch, you crawl
nine to five

like an ant

to a goal that
never arrives.

you are circled, surveilled,



Carlo Zeno
Write Under the Moon

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