a series of haikus

Photo by Taylor Heery on Unsplash

It’s that time of year
where the blanket looks like the
most appealing thing

I’ll see today. I
hate the frigid cold though my
husband teases he’s

an all-weather guy.
I run cold enough to need
a summer jacket.

The snow is pretty
but can i just watch from my
corner of the couch?

Winter is perfect
for catching up on media,
saving cash and books.

But to tell the truth:
I enjoy this season most
lt’s less busy, more chill

The theme of hibernation started young and has never quite left me. While I hate dashing outside in the coldest season, I also love so many things that are offered by winter: life slowing down enough to enjoy and the closeness it brings to my family.

Thank you for reading my work today. I really appreciate the time given.



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