I Love You Because You Draw Words from My Mouth

A poem

James Deagle
Write Under the Moon
Jun 17, 2024


a fountain pen writing on lined paper
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash, modified by the author.

I love you because
together we are
a flowing river,
meandering with eggshell caution
around obstacles,
pooling in those places
we cannot resist,
and rushing with whitewater urgency
over those things we need to
finally leave behind.

I love you because
you draw words from my mouth,
curating them in our secret museum
so that I may see
what you have been hearing.

I love you because
you are a continuous line of thought,
tracing back to my
earliest recollections,
the most reliable witness
to every wrong turn
that brought me to this place,
and a line blazing forth
into a future where I
(hopefully) know better.