I Watch for Tiny Sparks to Indicate You are Near

A Prose Poem

James Deagle
Write Under the Moon
Jun 20, 2024


A painting of a man sitting at a table speaking with a female ghost.
The Absinthe Drinker, Viktor Oliva, 1901. Public Domain.

O Muse, in the silence of the void I wait for you to emerge. I strain my ear to listen for any muffled notes of your song. I watch for tiny sparks to indicate you are near. I expect to be hypnotically drawn in by your mere presence, by your irresistible pull. Fill me with words, colors, and melodies that could never be contained.

Silly poet. Pick up your quill, your brush, and your lyre, and set your silence down. Don’t ask me to descend from the mountain unless you’re willing to meet me in the foothills.