Introversion: How to Gather Yourself and Scatter Your Poems

Free Verse

A.H. Mehr
Write Under the Moon
2 min readJun 15, 2024


A beautiful image of blue, yellow and pink pansies in the midst of short green leaves.
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Firstly, if you happen to read poets better than you,
don’t belittle yourself.
Read them with utmost appreciation.
You are you and they’re them.
You are different versions for different people, but you are you!
A Unique You!

You may want to start with being greatly reticent.
Write in third person about some of your
life’s struggles and that you will overcome
them some day.
Collective and comfortable theme — You can
effortlessly hide behind your masks of a facade.
You are afraid that people won’t understand
your feelings. “You’re right, but if you
aren’t brave, you can’t be a poet.”

………..Meanwhile, your muse is softly chirping,
waiting for a perfect time to unleash itself.
………..Meanwhile, your obsession with words
is still holding on to you.



A.H. Mehr
Write Under the Moon

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