Ocean Folds into Sky

Suspended in the Key of Me

Nour Boustani
Write Under the Moon


Turquoise waves merge into a cloud-filled sky.
Image created by author using MidJourney

In the key of me
ocean folds into sky
(where do boundaries lie)
whispers of salt lace the horizon
is it rain or are the clouds crying
shadows — perhaps ours
stretch long and thin
over wet sand
that remembers every step

Waves kiss shingle
a murmured secret beneath moon’s
half-closed eye —
(is she sleepy or just hiding?)
stars dangle from invisible strings
a puppet show with no puppeteer
just silence —

H U S H — S I L E N C E . . .

Then your name forms waves on my lips
(not spoken but thought)
still loud as crashing surf

What is a wave but a caress gone wild
a touch so gentle
(or maybe fierce)
lost in the rush towards land

Here we are,
a breath
a whisper —
lost in wind
everything and nothing — all at once
(suspended in the key of me)

Have you ever experienced a personal, introspective moment where everything feels both significant and ephemeral? Did you ever find yourself suspended in the key of you?
H U S H —
S I L E N C E . . . L I S T E N!

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and the team at Write Under The Moon.