Casper, Snoopy, Charlie Brown — Halloween edition

Gif on and Photo by : Scott Jeralds (Illustrator) on

O Charlie Brown; you and Snoopy

are such cuties; best friends forever

and Casper, the friendly ghost, was your dearest friend too

he lived in the spooky, haunted house; up above the hill

the black sheep lost its mane, down the lane

the great spicy pickled, pumpkin lantern ghost

floating spirits, cobbled webs; flickering candles

chattering skeleton’s teeth; whispers of lost souls

chilly nights; autumn’s gone, winter flows; snow is on the forecast

O fear street; the dead walks out of their graves

I see five fingers digging out of a few grave; scattered mud

zombie mummies; an apocalypses on the rise

trick or treat, for a soul’s retreat

gummy tummies; candies or chocolates; a death trap!

Halloween’s on it’s way

to scare you and me; out of our good days

© Dazzling Shene 2021

Thank you for reading my poetry :)

Thanks, Claire Kelly for publishing my poetry in the beautiful WUTM.



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Dazzling Shene

Dazzling Shene

A dreamer, a believer, a visionary, serpenting my way through the whirlwinds of life. Here to Razzle and bedazzle You~MBA ~2 X Top writer in Poetry