Sketching Anxiety Through Poetry

Free Verse

A.H. Mehr
Write Under the Moon
2 min readJun 6, 2024


A Plain Canvas With Black and White Hues
Photo by FÍA YANG on Unsplash

Few eons back, in shared gatherings,
I would talk as though there wouldn’t
be a tomorrow, but other humans
wouldn’t understand me.
First, they scared me.
Then, asked me to calm down.
This was not my fault.
I was just terrified. A tad more than others.
Had a necessary worry. A little more than others.
Start of something bad for my psyche? It was.

Since then, my raw emotions were always
ready to spill over here, there, everywhere —
or shall I say in
all the places that I might exist:
in the distance and in distant nearness.
Shedding peels and peals of sad protests,
even though there wouldn’t be a slightest
sign of mayhem approaching me.

A caustic and disorderly heartbeat surrounded me.
Nights were quite friendly, but there was this static
darkness that only I saw as the evening stretched.



A.H. Mehr
Write Under the Moon

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