Slumbering Giant

Towering giant

A. N. Tipton
Write Under the Moon
3 min readJun 6, 2024


A tree standing tall in the middle of a forest.
Taken off the beaten path near Lake Merwin, WA by Author

Slumbering giant,
towering giant,
standing tall, a proud parent
in your kingdom of green.
Years pass by,
rings hidden in your timber,
marking the timeless
rising and falling of the sun.
Ancient and regal,
you stand alone,
and yet you’re rooted deep,
connected to earth,
a hidden underground network
roots of arbors
that look up to you,
in the sea of rolling treetops.
You are their protector.

A tall tree standing alone in a forest.
Image taken by Author

Even from a good distance away,
I feel your noble presence,
emanating in the clearing,
blanketing everything that surrounds you.
I close my eyes,
accepting your peace,
and the deep, silent wisdom
that resonates into my soul.
You are alive,
more alive than…



A. N. Tipton
Write Under the Moon

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