Snowflakes, Evergreens, Blazing Sunshines, Wuthering Heights

The 4 seasons — Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

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Have you seen how the seasons change their mood

stomping on one another’s space, to mark their place

trailing behind the other while keeping a close watch

here are my four seasons, each with a new name

Oh! not another fancy, fantasy tale; you might say

but I must sell my mooncake with four seasoned sprinkles, so here is my take

Winter is Snow flake; O frozen Cherries, blueberries

Pomegranates seeds — my Red guilty pleasure

O such, delicious sweet treats

‘Do you wanna build a snowman’; Ana keeps on pestering me

as if I’ve nothing else to do; I’m in no mood; I’ve other important things to do!

Oh! Silly Olaf, why have you lost your orange carrot nose again?

do you want me to take the Carrots and Sticks approach to reproach you

Elsa is frozen in the snowflakes; icicles freezing her palms; she’s not in a good mood; Ana keeps on sobbing the cute Snowman song

Elsa’s heart thawed; the ice is still frozen; her hands can’t move or the blue gloves removed; be patient, her dear sister — Ana, for she whispers a silent prayer for you, each night!

She prays for the summer to drop by early, so she can ditch the gloves and be warm too!

Spring soon follows; after February; one leap in four years

Now Elsa, sings to her heart tunes; Ana and Olaf also join her on the trips to three delightful seasons in which she’ll not be blue!

Don’t cut down my conifer Evergreens; Spring is blossoming sprinkles of joy

Spring is — Evergreens

we play, we dance, we hold hands, in the vibrant wild flower fields

Soon May comes to a halt, inviting June in

Summer is the blazing sunshine

time to party; beach balls out, sandcastles sculpted; my Golden Retriever splashes in the sea; catch that frisbee; bottles up; nose dive in, holding my breath, Oh! what do I swim to see; shelling all the sun and the children’s smiles

August brings along my birthday monsoon rains; the earthly beauty; the scent of the earth after a sputter and a heavy pour; the dew drops on leave ducts; Oh! That balsamic scent of rain!

You, me and this rain! Foggy windows, distilled droplets of love

September comes and it blows; some mighty winds; fluttering the Autumn leaves; Carlyon colors dry up; withered beauty — rusty yellows, green melon's, red apples — Autumn leaves; changing patterns in the old veins; they shimmer in the daylight like gems

Wake me up when September ends; Autumn leaves, breezes with Pumpkin stews and spices; inviting October in, Oh! Bring in the Halloween fear!

Trick or treat; free candies for scary bites; pumpkin ghosts; floating spirits; flickering candles; a graveyard shudders and zombies mutter: ‘Which witch is which?

O Autumn; you shiver; and bring peace yet a heavy, lingering sadness is felt in the wilting leaves, a life is blown away with the Autumn breeze; as November nears I know what Autumn is!

Autumn is Wuthering heights

where you fall but you must rise

to witness another winter and make the snowball run

life is nothing but a cyclic change of events, situations, love and kindness

one decade follows another; each brings it’s own seasons and life lessons along their own mood swings

For every falling Autumn, there is budding Spring; for every chilly winter there is warm summer

life is a balance; the opposite season, greets each other; after the middle men; let it take a little break

The four seasons —Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn — track one another; so let’s track our own changing seasons and find the reasons for the blues

© Dazzling Shene 2021

A writer named the 4 season’s: Snow Tulip Dragonfly Leaf.

This prompt was inspired by Tree’s challenge to create your own 4 seasons with a back story. I hope you enjoy my take on this one!

Thanks Claire Kelly for publishing my poetry in WUTH.

Dave Logan Thief Imad Patrick M. Ohana Melanie J. I. Trudie Palmer Fiza Ameen David Rudder



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Dazzling Shene

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