A poem about soulmates

Nagoh Creative
Write Under the Moon
2 min readJun 13, 2024


a reflection of the sky and ground, but upside down due to the mirror effect.
Photography by Author — Nagoh Creative


laying here beside me
arms wrapped tight and round
I can hear your dreaming
your breath and every sound

I can smell your kisses
from very far away
like whispers in the night sky.
our lips locked there to stay

souls that crash together
locked in dreams of love
catches from the heavens
so far below the above

I wrote this poem on October 23rd, 1998, and as I was re-reading it today, I truly struggled with the last line, it felt like a stretch and did not make any sense at all; “so far below the above”? What does that mean? But then I remembered an experimental picture I took many years ago (April 15th, 2013 to be exact!) and realized how incredibly perfect a fit it is.

How did I take this picture? It is one single image, not photoshopped. I used a prism and my iPhone and held it up to the lens, which in turn flipped the sky and the ground and eliminated the middle from view. The blending of the top and bottom was all natural due to the reflections in the glass.

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Nagoh Creative
Write Under the Moon

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