The Artist Who Faded In Colors

The Signatured Masterpiece

Nour Boustani
Write Under the Moon
1 min readMay 6, 2024


Portrait of a woman with eyes closed, her face and body adorned with different shades of colors, symbolizing a vivid, ephemeral existence.
Image created by author using MidJourney

watercolor of my death
whispers in diluted dyes,
a lingering sigh
across the cold press of paper
each stroke diffuses,
edges blending into edges,
a gentle dissolution
as colors fade —
cerulean shadows under twilight,
rose tints at dawn

the air still,
as pigments bleed,
a quiet magic of water and color
where boundaries soften
and everything
there is a silence here,
deep as the undertow;
a place where words
are swallowed whole,
thoughts dissolve
into the quiet
depths of colors

a single drop,
the ripple widens —
an echo in a shallow bowl,
the slow spread
of an inevitable stain
this death,
a palette washed clean,
a canvas
left drying
in the muted light
of a setting sun

lines of life,
now just water trails,
leaving behind
the faintest scent —
rain on dry earth,
the memory of storms
as the water settles,
so do I,
a final composition
into the white
of forgotten paper.

— ©



and the team at Write Under The Moon.